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What Others Are Saying

testimonials shelby brown

"I competed with 360 Dance on their studio teams, and All-Star teams, and continued my instruction with them while on Assumption High School's dance team. For 13 years, I laid the groundwork of my technique and training, which I continue to carry with me to this day. I am still very close with one of my teammates, even 13 years after my time with the studio came to a close. As a musical theater performer, I have been able to stay a step above the rest in the audition room, meaning that even in the most advanced dance calls or performances, I am able to stand out and hold my own despite dance not having been my major in college. At 31 years old, I still have my splits, can still perform turns in seconds, can pick up choreography incredibly easily, and can consistently execute a triple pirouette. I owe all this success and work in my professional life to my years at 360 Dance. I couldn't and wouldn't be where I am without them!"

- Shelby Brown

"360 Dance is a wonderful place for kids and families. My daughter has danced at 360 for the last 8 seasons. We came to the studio for the competitive program as our last studio didn't have many competitive students my daughter's age. Since she joined her teammates at 360 she has blossomed both as a dancer and as a person. The lessons she has learned about taking care of her body, the art of dance, being a good teammate and being disciplined are things she will use throughout her life.

We spent so much time at 360 that when there was a chance for me to become a member of the staff I emphatically said yes. I love working with our Company Director Greta and owner Ashley, as well as all of our instructors. The pursuit of excellence is part of the fabric of everything we do and it is something I value so I'm glad I can have some influence on that for our client families. I've been able to get to know some amazing people and in some cases watch babies grow into students as they become of age. All are welcome here!"

- Marina Gonzalez
Broadway performer, Director/Choreographer

"360 Dance was critical in my evolution as a performer and choreographer. I will be forever grateful that they helped me develop a solid foundation in technique as well as a focus on working as a team. They instilled in me a strong work ethic but always managed to do it through kindness and positive reinforcement. You won’t find a better dance studio in the greater Louisville area!"

- Mara Newbery Greer
testimonials katlyn harbsmeier

"I danced at 360 from the age of four until I was 18. During that time, I was trained to be a well-rounded dancer. The coaches always pushed me to reach my fullest potential, even when I didn’t believe in myself.

360 gave me the opportunity to travel to conventions and compete against other studios across the nation. Innovative choreography and advanced, versatile training were and still set 360 apart from other studios. I found my love for the sport while competing. As a result, I increased my hours and classes at the studio.

I was also a member of the Assumption High School dance team. The history and love for both programs is indescribable, you truly must experience it for yourself.

Dancing wasn’t the only skill learned while at the studio. Being a part of 360 competitive programs helped me improve my time management skills, and I learned to be accountable. It was up to me to be responsible for myself and my actions, both inside and outside of the studio.

After graduating in 2019, I attended the University of Louisville where I became a member of the dance team, The Ladybirds. 360 gave me the tools not only to make a collegiate dance team but, to excel and become a fifth-year senior on the nationally ranked team.

I cherish and still talk to all of my coaches and teammates I met at Plantside Drive. 360 Dance is a family. No matter when you were a student, you are always welcomed home!"

- Katlyn Harbsmeier

"Attending 360 dance was a transformative experience that sculpted my dance career. The dedicated instructors, diverse dance styles, and supportive community provided the perfect environment for growth. From refining technique to fostering creativity, the studio became my artistic haven, propelling me toward a fulfilling and successful dance journey. Im grateful for the invaluable lessons and connections forged within those studio walls."

- Ellen Henry
testimonials kate and abbey kaufling

"Kate and I started dancing at 360 when we were four years old and have continued to be part of this family even since graduating two years ago. 360 Dance instilled in us not only top-tier dance training, but also impeccable life skills that we continue to use today. Moving from studio dance onto the UK Dance Team, was a smooth transition due to the remarkable training we received from their highly qualified faculty members. Even though we're just up the road in Lexington, we know we can always come back home to 360!"

- Kate and Abbey Kaufling
testimonials christina sturgeon

"360 dance was my foundation for training, support, and community. The memories I made, the growth I experienced, and the mentors I had were pivotal to my development into who I am today. Through my experiences working in tv and film, I often think back to my time at 360 and recognize moments that prepared me to handle the challenging and fast-paced industry of entertainment. I am forever grateful for my second home and to Ashley, Jessica, Greta, Casey and several others for your training, support, guidance, and love. To all the young dancers - remember that anything is possible with tenacity, focus, and belief."

- Christina Sturgeon